Release of my new album ADAPTION as part of a listeners’ party


29. Januar 2024




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“ADAPTION” is my new album. It presents pieces that were inspired by the “Berlin School” and develop a unique identity through their different rhythms.

“ADAPTION” is characterized by rhythmic complexity, with each track building on a familiar sound that has been cleverly sampled and reinterpreted. This creates a hypnotic and haunting atmosphere that takes the listener on an electronic sound journey.

Particularly noteworthy are the new interpretations of the two pieces from the Goslar Glockenspiel, which can be heard in “ADAPTION”. These pieces give the album a unique touch and show Jürgen Ernst’s artistic virtuosity.

“ADAPTION” is an album that combines traditional electronic music with innovative approaches and creative experimentation. It invites the listener to immerse themselves in a world in which familiar sounds are excitingly redesigned and merge into a fascinating soundscape. This album is an insider tip for electronic music lovers and anyone who wants to be inspired by the special energy of electronic music.

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  • 29. Januar 2024 18:00   -   19:00
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